Saturday, July 30, 2005

saturday nights and urges:

how long has it been since a saturday night evoked any urge in me? it used to be that i loved saturday nights- i can remember times in my life that i would get so excited about the plans for an upcoming weekend that i couldn't eat all day on friday and i would be manically jumping around my office, counting the minutes until all of that fun could begin. now saturday nights roll around and all i can get excited about is my ratty pajama pants and maybe clean sheets (!), if i've done all the chores. these days the only thing that really gets me going about a saturday night is if i've cooked a good dinner or we're going out to eat somewhere. clearly, i am food-motivated, unlike bella, who is ball-motivated. i digress.

so you'd like a picture of a posthip saturday night? the lovely beausband is out of town, so bella has been granted permission to share the bed (only for tonight, hon, i promise), two books are also sharing the bed with me, waiting for attention, and my eyes are beginning to shut, it being 10:30 and all.

i imagine things are only going downhill from here, but honestly, i can't see how that's possible.
greetings faithful readers.

i am no longer live-blogging (quite the task, let me tell you! recording the key points of an hour-long discussion while it's occuring isn't easy, no matter what they tell you) and am returning to our regularly scheduled program.
but blogher was great. i met some really interesting people who blog on all sorts of topics, had a small group session with other educators and some teenagers about blogs in education (i was the only teacher there with a personal blog- the other teachers were more interested in how to use blogs in the classroom, an interesting topic in it's own right), heard about getting naked on your blog (exposing yourself, which i think i already do), got in with some mommy bloggers, and got to have quality conversations with my favorite professor from college, who i haven't seen in 3 years. i also learned more than i think i care about in regards to readership, how to tag, blogrolling, privacy matters, and lots of other tech-related topics. i'm sure it's clear i'm not a techie. one thing was made clear to me, though. i need a redesign on this ol' blog. i know a lot less about blogging than people who've been doing it for just a few months, and i've been at it for over 2 1/2 years. i've become rote about the blog design, and i'm ready for something fresh. except, um, i don't really know how to actually do that. anyone care to help push me along here?

in other news, i'll be attending a 2-day bachelorette camping trip, returning tuesday.

until then,
Session #2: go west

Panelists are:
Laina and Nichelle

Nichelle introduces herself, and mentions her blog starting through culture mailings she used to do and gothamist and how she co-curated the wizzydigs series, where in NYC, bloggers get up and perform different art related to their blogs. She and Liza got together to form, with other Africa-Americans throughout the country. Nichelle wants to see how blogging can be used to expose myths about African-Americans and represent African-Americans in ways they are not traditionally represented.

Laina introduces herself- she is from Canada and is a journalist, on top of running her own blog. She looks for representation of African Canadian in the news and cannot find it and works towards anti-racism and trying to create a community between African Americans and African Canadians. She notes that stories about her community are never in the media, and when she pitches to news networks, she is told it is 'too angry', even though 50% of the population of Toronto are people of color. She also notes that she wants more Canadian African readers to see her site and know there is a culture of people who are interested in social and political issues.

Nichelle looked up topics on technorati such as LeShawn Broswell's murdered body being found in the NYC subway a few months ago and found that blogs covered the news of this situation more than the networks did. She also praises her cousin-in-law, who blogged at the DNC and RNC last year, who claims not to want to be the Spook, and encourages everyone to begin blogging. Her cousin,, also has a blog about politics.

She poses the question to the group- how do you think your race and sexual persuasion affects what you blog about? She says that her blog is primarily about her personality and enjoying life, but also writes about social and political things that bother her, such as Luther Vandross passing, and the voter registration drive of P. Diddy in the last election.

An audience member, Gina from, tries to tell people what blogging is but people don't understand blogging. She also says that she doesn't tell people that she is black on her blog and that when people find out, they are extremely surprised. Laina says her blog is the exact opposite- everyone knows she's black, and she wants people to know that we don't live in a color-blind society. She mentions a report she did on her blog about "the runaway bride" and how she blamed her abduction on a Hispanic man and that many black women are missing, but don't get help or attention from the national media. Comingoutcolored discussed the fact that the Harvard Implicit Attitude Test says that people feel "safer" with a white face, and that she and some of her readers preferred the black face, but there was nowhere to mention that. She also says that having a space to connect with others on stories that aren't being told is critical.

Liza says that her blog is not a 'race blog' or 'black blog', but she does want people to know she is a Puerto Rican black woman. She discusses her conversation with Marco, who told her that it doesn't matter if writers are black, or Hispanic (or women?), it's about if you are a good writer. Liza thinks it's about giving attention to people who don't necessarily have the hits.

Halley says that people don't like when she is writing about hip-hop (or divorce!) on her blog (they want her to write about sex). She doesn't believe in being careful about what you write- it is more important to write about our truths and get truths out there for women.

says that she lost her job through blogging, and that when you are talking about "hot issues", you need to make people adjust to us, not adusting our writing to other people's needs, including companies.
Liza says that her big moment of blogging came out of a blog in which she compared Condi Rice to Sally Hemingway, and that it is memed all over the web.
Chai comments that when she moved from West L.A. to D.C., her professor, a black, gay, Yale-educated, man, taught her about how law is about who writes the law. One thing that came out of that class that she still considers is how, as a South Asian, she cannot feel abandoned by African Americans, Chicanos, and Asians. She discusses how after 9/11, South Asians were finally on the American shitlist, instead of African Americans, for the first time ever.

Nichelle gives an apology for the fact that it wasn't more inclusive in the title of the panel, and would love to include South Asians in her events and blogrolls, and that we don't want to make it an us vs. them dialogue. People agree that we need to work together, and recommends a book entitled "Black is a Country". Brownbloggers needs help spreading the word and wants to expand. Please join them.

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Moblogging (or Mobile Blogging, for those of you not in the know).

The panel consists of:
Debi Jones
Barb Dybward

Debi asks how many of the audience have camera phones and almost everyone raises their hand. Most of the audience has looked at the Moblogger blog.
Barb discusses her gadget fetish- she's had a cameraphone for about 1 year, and then discovered that flickr worked amazingly with cameraphones. Even her non-tech friends enjoyed this medium and immediacy, and knew that moblogging was here to stay.
Debi introduces herself and says she started working with wireless through civilian work with DOD in the 80's and has been waiting for wireless to come to consumers. She has worked for Palm and mobile tech. companies for the last 5 years, and is now a consultant for data and mobile blogging. She hopes that moblogging can be seen as "just blogging". Debi acquires some sponsors and wants to give them props- next village and nokia (WOO! SOMEONE HERE GETS A NOKIA 6680 PHONE FOR FREE!).

We're starting with moblogging 1.0- mobile blogging that is ON THE WEB. There is an application called lifeblog that allows you to upload and edit photos, which Debi recommends. We are now experience technical difficulties with the panel getting offline. To make you feel like you're really here, I will state there is a pause and many people are rushing around. Do you feel like you're here now?
We're back- Barb is discussing flickr and how much she prefers flickr because of the fact that you can send photos to your flickr account and then put it directly on your blog. You can also syndicate the RSS feed on your blog if, for some reason, your blog doesn't support flickr.

Debi says that the tipping point for this user-based program of moblogging is, unfortunately, one around tragedies. The first was the tsunami and how camera phones picked that up. The second was the recent bombings in London. The third was that CNN asked citizen bloggers to send in camera phone pics during a recent hurricane. Adam Greenberg coined the term 'moblogging' in 2002 (note: after 9/11) as your ability to add photos to your weblog without sitting at your computer. Dave Weiner and Robert Scoffald define it as an activity that occurs away from your regular blogging place and provides content for your blog.

Barb is going to give a tutorial on At the bottom under 'your account', there is something that says 'uploading by email' Follow these directions for a how-to on uploading from your camera phone (note: if you don't have a blog, you will need to set one up). Barb also notes that you don't NEED flickr, you can just send photos to your blog, but it is nowhere near as easy as flickr.

Debi has set up a yahoo group- for people to continue this discussion after this session. Debi discusses how moblogging turns from 1.0 to 2.0

Moblogging 2.0 is about blogging away from the computer. In China, there will be more wireless connections this year than land connections. There will be 58 million new connections this year in China. By the end of this year, there will be over 2 billion wireless connectors. In many European countries there are more mobile devices than there are people. An audience member discusses that many people don't want to pay the extra fees for the opportunity to moblog. Debi says this is a 'repeated pattern' and will pass in time. People will get used to the transition.

Debi recommends rabble for representing moblogging 2.0.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

being hip is out.

as nbk says, it's a post-hip world. won't you join us?
i get to go to blogher after all!

i am a little sad because i don't get to go to the session on blogging and academia and anonymity, my real reason for wanting to attend.

but i realized there are some other good reasons to attend, including meeting fabulous women bloggers (too numerous to link) from all over the country, and seeing my favorite college professor in a panel (if i could emulate this woman for one day in the classroom, i would consider myself a successful teacher).

so posthipchick will be blogging (right here! live!) about moblogging and brownblogging on saturday. stay tuned.

better go wash the posthip neighborhoodie.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the checkout guy at the grocery store just called me a housewife. as in "the housewives never let me help them out. chuckle, chuckle."

pardon me while i go slash my wrists.

i don't know if i can rightfully express the way this warms me in the deepest cockles of my heart. two abandoned, wandering dogs, one looking out for the other, who has gone blind. being willing to stay together, regardless of the cost.
this is humanity at its finest.
Dear Cigarettes,

Today, dear friend, is one year since we parted ways. For seventeen years, we stood together through everything- good, bad, and ugly- and then, one day, I turned my back on you and walked away for good. I haven't even called you and hung up when I heard your voice, or driven by your house just to see if your car was there. I knew if I started down that path of obsession that we would be back together in a flash. Seventeen years isn't nothing; we have a history that I share with no one else. You were who I called when I was crying too hard to see straight. You were who I ran to when I wanted to celebrate something. Oh, and who could forget the drunk nights we spent together? Cigarettes, I think I loved you most then. You made me look cooler than I was as I walked down city streets. You helped my bad-girl image, something I strove to achieve for so long, and probably succeeded at. Cigarettes, I do miss you. I do still think about you from time to time. But, (and you knew this was coming, didn't you? A year of silence means a lot.) I couldn't do it anymore. Our relationship was so destructive and painful and I hated myself for loving you. I knew you were bad for me, my friends hated you, I couldn't bring you anywhere. It wasn't that I didn't love you- I DID!, with my entirety- I just knew that if I was going to be happy with myself as a person, I needed to give you up. We couldn't live together in peace anymore, and the anger and violence was simply too much for me to take. Plus, I knew that in time I would want a child and God knows I was unwilling to do it with YOU in the picture. I knew that from the first time we got together, when I was 13, still a child myself. You sucked me into your evil ways early and I loved you for it. I loved you for removing some of the angst from the teenage years by standing by me so faithfully. I know you loved me the best you could, but you are simply too damaged to really care. Your version of love is scary.
Cigarettes, I know we are not over. I know that I will still think of you from time to time, remembering how you comforted me and helped me and did what you could. And, like I promised you a year ago today, we will be reunited. For the next 50 years, I am pledged to your enemy, Non Smoker, but when I'm 80, I will run back to you. I know you will take me in, happily. And I will hold you and cradle you and love you with my entire being. But until then, I must consider you a part of my past unvisited. Please know that I do still love you and care about you, and will think of you often during our long separation. Please do not attempt to contact me during this time. I am unavailable to you.


Monday, July 25, 2005

things i did in yosemite instead of enjoying the natural beauty:

* worked on my tan (PEOPLE! i am brown as a berry!)
* took daily naps of incredibly deep sleep
* bought a new sunhat
* floated on inner tubes A LOT
* prepared and ate delicious food (thanks for the tips, people)
* single-handedly tried to bring back overalls (look ladies, i know you haven't worn them since your grunge days. me neither. but i got a pair at the clothing swap and they are the most comfortable item of clothing there is. how could we have let them go out of fashion for so long. please help me bring these back!)
* ate fancy s'mores, including my new favorite: toasted marshmallow nested between two oatmeal raisin cookies. yummmm!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

clothing swap for kids:

so yesterday the girls and i got together for a clothing swap. if you've never participated in a clothing swap before, the general idea is that you bring all of that ill-fitting, over-worn, just-not-you stuff in great big garbage bags to somebody's house that has put together a decent snack spread and some mimosas and then (this format changes at different swaps) everyone sits in a circle and holds up their items and people call out for them and sometimes there is a "situation" that needs to be resolved via a coin toss, but mostly it's first come-first serve. then, after EVERYONE has gone through this and you have a new pile of clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelery, everyone starts trying on all the clothes and the 'second swap' begins, because inevitably, something you saw and loved doesn't fit you quite right, and vice-versa for the other ladies.
so, since the last clothing swap, everyone has turned 30 and decided that those super-tight-fitting tank tops don't actually 'fit', and given up on the show-your-flat-tummy-off shirts, and decided that short-skirts-are-really-not-so-flattering, and because of this, my 9-year-old goddaughter, who was in attendance, TOTALLY SCORED on the swap and went home with a huge basket of clothes.

Friday, July 15, 2005

after 12 years of vegetarianism, tonight i had a totally overwhelming urge for roasted chicken. which i purchased, and ate, on a little slice of sourdough tonight, AFTER dinner. sure sign of pregnancy, except i'm not pregnant.

and then, walking home tonight, i glanced down at my outfit- slightly low-cut cotton shirt and yoga pants and said "this would be the perfect outfit if i was pregnant!". except i'm not pregnant.

it's probably bad to show signs of pregnancy when you're not pregnant. if i suddenly start throwing up and getting a belly, i'm going to be REALLY concerned.
important information needed:

we're off camping next week.
i am looking for good camping recipes/ food.
i am a total food snob.
we will have a fire and a coleman stove.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

summertime and the livin's easy:

when it's summer, and you're a teacher, there really isn't much to blog about. i could tell you what i've been up to- napping, reading a fantastic book, trying to beat the heat, thinking up no-cook meals, but it's all so very boring.

if you give me a topic, i'll respond. but otherwise, i might go with the motto that if you don't have anything interesting to say, keep your mouth shut, and do just that.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

folks, if you don't have a husband who takes the opportunity of you being out of town to straighten up all the loose ends of the house, and buy flowers, and get your car washed, then i'm telling you... you have married the wrong man.

some days i feel like the luckiest person alive.

Monday, July 11, 2005

DONE: that freakin' paper that is 3 weeks late.
why was i stressing again?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

blogging from the land of cleave:

cleveland is definitely the most interesting place i've been in awhile. and by interesting, i think i mean surprising and fascinating.
the surprising is how pretty it is. i think 'cleveland' and i think post-industrial town, run-down, dirty, etc. what do i know? nothing. cleveland is beautiful- green and lush and on a lake and full of parks and funky with downright gorgeous houses and architecture. but, um, there is no one here. and this is what makes it sort of fascinating. the city was built for about four times the amount of people that live here now, and it shows. there are just no people. clevland just sits there and tries- and it really does try- but is just somehow a little off. it has all the elements to make it, but it's not really making it. i can't say why.
but i am glad to be here, enjoying a midwestern lake house (like i wanted!), fireflies and all.
it's midnight here and, can you believe it, i'm going to work on that fucking paper? because i DIDN'T haul it across the country to have it sit in my bag. i did, however, haul it to carmel and los angeles to have it sit in my bag, but this time, it flew. puppy's getting done.

Friday, July 08, 2005

suburban is as suburban does:

tonight i wore a matching athletic outfit to dinner. somebody stop me.
i am totally pissed that they are not making this for macs yet, but if you have a pc, you MUST check this out. for your own interest, or for classroom use, it is the best thing i have seen in some time.
google earth

Thursday, July 07, 2005

signs it's summer and things are very quickly sliding downhill:

-you wear a shirt with macaroni & cheese stains down the front all day.
-you can never be bothered with those fancy bra contraptions
-your hair has corn syrup in it
-your day is not complete without a nap
-you know exactly what time the mailman comes every day and if he's off by a few minutes, you start to worry
-you cannot wait for the arrival of the lovley beausband each night so you can tell him all about the exciting things that happened that day, like bella spent most of it in the crate, and you talked to an old friend, and took some pictures of the custard you made (does he want to see?!?!, you can get them up on your computer REALLY QUICK), and a bug you found in some cracked eggs (took pics of those, TOO!).

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

a blog in three parts:

part I:

in 20 days, i will have been a non-practicing smoker for 1 year. it really hasn't been as hard as i anticipated. the only time i really want to smoke is when i'm away. my day-to-day life has been set enough that i don't think about it. but vacations... damn! i tell myself if i still want a cigarette, i'm not ready to have a cigarette. this is the policy, for now (if you've been reading long enough, you know the plan: start again when i'm 80- just under 50 years to go!).

part II:

i can't stop eating strawberries dipped in sweetened condensed milk. can. not. stop. try it and you'll see.

part III:

i'm going to everyone's favorite vacation spot, cleveland, for the weekend. the locale is less important than the fact that i get to see some wonderful friends. CLEVELAND, here i come!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

things i am going to say on the return drive home today through central california in 100 degree heat:

all things said on 7/2, but with a pms tone. FUN!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

things i said on the drive through central california in 100 degree heat without air-conditioning:

i am miserable.
i am never doing this drive in this car again.
i am really, really miserable.
i need to stop and sit in an air-conditioned gas station again.
the heat is giving me an anxiety attack.
this is hell.
i need more water.
i am seriously miserable, you don't even know.
i'm moving to the back seat, where the sun doesn't hit me.
i am thinking about death. of my skeleton being found by the side of the road.
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